Our mission

We have all had the unpleasant experience of standing in front of a shelf, overwhelmed by the variety of products and unable to choose the right one. If it is not your lucky day, you end up buying a product that does not fit your needs at all. To avoid this experience, you could purchase made-to-order products, though those are often very expensive.

At AVE + EDAM, we have developed a technology that enables us to create the perfect product depending on your skin type, needs, and goals. Our skincare products aim to be accessible for everyone with full transparency on ingredients, processes, and effects. Unlike those one-dimensional off-the-shelf skincare products, our products are driven by your needs and focused to meet your goals.

At AVE + EDAM, we understand the importance of factors beyond your skin type such as age, environment and lifestyle, and that your skincare needs to evolve as these do. Therefore, our primary goal is to listen to your needs and feedback so that we can provide you with the best possible products that will fulfill your goals not only today, but also tomorrow and every day thereafter. 

At AVE + EDAM, we compare your inputs to over one million data points in order to build your unique skin profile. With this profile, we make sure that your skin's needs are perfectly matched while you set your own performance goals.

The answer to the optimal hydrated, clean, and radiant skin is not the most expensive product that you can find on the shelf, but rather the perfect combination of ingredients based on your needs. AVE + EDAM skincare products are co-created with you for you.

Be part of the revolution of skincare—be part of the AVE + EDAM community.