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Who is AVE + EDAM?

We are an innovative, beauty-tech brand from Berlin, who are changing the relationship between you and the products you buy. We create customized skincare that celebrates diversity; our products are for all human beings. The formula is created by our own algorithm, which relies on your responses to the skin test, putting you at the center of the product creation. Find out more in about us.

How does the technology work? 

The models and algorithms behind AVE + EDAM are designed by our Co-Founder, Prof. Dr. Dominik Michels, an international scientist and technology expert focusing on algorithms, artificial intelligence, modelling and simulation. Dominik works closely with a team of data scientists, dermatologists, and skincare experts.

The formulas are created by an automated process based on the application of specially designed intelligent algorithms using methods of artificial intelligence and computer-aided optimization. We compare your skin test results with over a million data points and combine objective evaluation with personal preferences to create the best formula for your specific skin type and goals.


What makes AVE+EDAM skincare different? 

AVE + EDAM is special in many ways. Our team of dermatologists and data scientists created an algorithm that designs a formula that perfectly matches your skin type and goals, lifestyle, and environment. Our Feedback Loop allows us to always provide you with the best products and our in-house R&D team is constantly searching for new ways to improve our day and night creams just for you.

All of our products are scientifically proven to be effective and are clean, vegan, and made in Germany to always provide you with the highest quality.


How do I get my personalized cream? 

Take our 5-minute online skin test. Our team of experts in skincare, dermatology, and data science developed and are constantly improving an algorithm to assess your skin’s needs and match you with the best ingredients. Your formula is tailored to your skin type and goals, lifestyle, and environment; you even get to name your own cream! Once you’ve taken the skin test, you can order your day and night cream, which will perfectly match your daily routine and will be delivered to you anywhere in Europe. Make sure to let us know what you think, and email us at hello@aveandedam.com if you have any questions. Take the skin test here.

What is the feedback loop ? 

The Feedback Loop is a short questionnaire in which you have the possibility to update your profile and let us know what you think about your personalized products. Our algorithm then takes these changes into account and adjusts your cream formula as necessary. The algorithm is constantly being trained, so your input helps to make your formula consistently right for you. Through the Feedback Loop, we have created a journey of collaboration which evolves with you and your skin.


Product and price

Unsere Hautpflege Reihe besteht aktuell aus unserer Tages- und Nachtpflege, erhältlich in der 50ml Größe. Zukünftig wird es auch weitere Größen geben. Der Preis unserer Produkte basiert auf unserer Technologie, den reinen Inhaltsstoffen und dem intensiven Prozess der Erstellung unserer personalisierten Hautpflegeprodukte. Weitere Produkte werden folgen, also halte dich mit unserem Newsletter immer auf dem neuesten Stand!

Mit unserem Geschenkgutschein kannst du das personalisierte Hautpflege Erlebnis von AVE+EDAM mit allen deinen Freunden teilen. Nachdem du den Kauf des Gutschein abgeschlossen hast erhältst du einen einzigartigen Rabattcode, mit dem deine Freunde ihre personalisierte Tages- und Nachtpflege nun bestellen können.

What do you mean by "clean ingredients"? 

Everything we create is free from any controversial ingredients such as silicon, petrolates, parabens, microplastics. Our ingredients are also fully vegan, hypoallergenic and we never test on animals. If you have any questions or concerns regarding ingredients or allergenics, feel free to email us at hello@aveandedam.com

How does the subscription work?  

You can also choose to never run out of your own personal skincare products by subscribing to get new day and night creams every two months. Once you subscribe, you can change how often you get your cream or cancel at any time.

Want to refer your favorite skincare?

We are always excited to get new members in our AVE + EDAM community, so if you LOVE your products and you want to spread the word, you can refer a friend. After your order arrives, you’ll get an email with a discount code, which you can send on to your friends and family via any social platform. Both you and your friend will get a 10% discount. Each friend can only use the discount once, but you get a new (noncummulative) discount each time. This means that if you refer 10 friends, you get a 10% discount on your next 10 orders.


Delivery time

Your cream is personalized and made-to-order and may take some time for us to formulate. We will ship everything within 7 days of your order, and send you an email as soon as your skin creams are on the way! You can also track your shipment

Satisfaction promise 

It is our single most important goal that you love your AVE + EDAM products as much as our customers have in the past. Since we believe so strongly in our products, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to send back your skincare products within 30 days for a full refund or replacement. Please also let us know at help@aveandedam.com what went wrong, so we can try to resolve the issue and send you a new cream that will fit your needs.